A Stop Motion Film by Collage


Hi  all did this for another school project using the song given by my lectuer, Colin. Damaged goods by Gang of Four Enjoy! Poster also done with collage!

Check it out here: 






It’s a ZINE and it comes with 2 free posters!!!

I did it for a school project. In this first issue, we talked about DESIGNERS.

What habits they have, what they carry in their bags, what fashion do they take to and what they see in normal objects. It’s the little things that many do not understand or find weird about us. 

The many interesting things you can find in a designer’s bag.

The Designer at work needs POWER BLAZER- Power dressing.

The vision we see by glancing at the object.

The Jersey street jacket for a casual stroll. Cheers!

Carette: coffee, macaroons, Americans and old ladies (via CheckYourParis)

I went to this place in Paris before and I was so amazed by the beauty of the store and the display of the delicious looking sweets. They looked to beautiful to be consumed but Kristine bought Jonathon, Ann and I a box of macaroons.

I placed one in my mouth and I knew what “melts in your mouth” feels like. I would hope to visit that beautiful place again with friends or family.

I miss Paris, something that grasps my heart.

Carette: coffee, macaroons, Americans and old ladies It’s a standard of the Trocadero area, an old-world tearoom with a reputation for pastries and macaroons. I remember an aunt taking me there for breakfast – toast for her, almond croissant for me – when I was a child. Carette has been there since the 1920s (um, not that I was a child back then!). And then it got a little old, and a little run-down… And then it closed for redecoration a couple years ago. Its Art Deco setting was kept intact, just … Read More

via CheckYourParis

Epic Fun with My Classmates

The Many Epic Encounters

So it’s another normal day out with Jenny, Avelyn, Dixon, Nicholas, Wei Yang and I. We were in school to pass up our essays to Mark (our lecturer). After that was lunch, Dixon bought an i-phone 4 and also brought along his Blackbird Camera -Limited Edt Hot Pink! We were very attracted by the colour, Sweet!

Avelyn then terrorised Wei Yang’s i-phone and I did the same to Nicholas’s. Ha the next will be Dixon’s!!! After, we headed to iluma, where Dixon went to collect his Play Imaginative members’ card and Wei Yang purchased a To-Fu Gum Strawberry figure and we left for KTV at Marina! On the way I used Dixon’s Flash gadget and flashed a whole lot of flashes at Avelyn and Jenny!!! LOL!!!

KTV at Marina was ultra happening!!! We had so so much fun!!! Then Dinner and then Pool!!! Wow! I sort of learnt how to play a little Pool!!! Thanks Dixon, major help!!!

Epic moment 1. We were all stunt to see the white ball do a beautiful dive into one of the pool table holes by Wei Yang! SKILLFUL!!!

Epic moment 2. The white ball did a beautiful fly out and over the table dive by me. Oops, gave Jenny a fright!!!

Epic moment 3. RATED BEST!!! Jenny and Tai Yaki. Tai Yaki is a Japanese dessert with the exterior crusting in a form of a fish and the interior has a thin layer of red bean on the surface of the vanila.

Jenny took a first bite, started shivering with delight. And then the second bite, we could see her sort of melting away with the dessert. Third bite was the movement of her hands with the utensils that went in the windscreen wiper routine, left-right-left right, well synchronized! Wow Jenny just sort of seem so in paradise!!!

Then it started, her laughter began and it didn’t stop when we gave possibilities of what she would have been if we went clubbing, or if we bought a really big Tai Yaki for her birthday and how she would be eating it.

Reasons which might have cause this, the F1 pre races were ticking her off because of the noise we were hearing and she is probably very tired and Tai Yuki just made her more high!!!

I was so amazed to see that funny side of Jenny!!! It took a long while before she turn back to her usual self!!! Hahaha what a day!!!

Fun Fun and more Fun!!!

At the end of the day, Dixon gave me a little guy from the Play TO-FU Mini Vinyl
Series 2, the Halloween one!!! Thank you so much Dixon!!!

I am a Halloween Freak, Tim Burton made me this way, blame it on his brilliance!!!

Thank you guys, today was such a fun day with all you guys!!! XOXO!!!

P.S. By te way, Hilman is a really epic classmate too!!!


Who is BEARY?

Last Thursday after we collected our essay drafts from Mark, Avelyn, Dixon, Kemala, Nicholas, Wei Yang and I set out to Iluma to check out the toys at PLAY IMAGINATIVE where all the coolest designer toys are! My fav, tokidoki is there too bought a mouse pad at a discount!

We grabbed soe ice cream and decided to catch the Resident Evil movie.

While in the mean time, we headed for some fun at the arcade. And with $2 I caught BEARY. Actually I thought I will never catch him but I am so happy I did.

My little French Bear. XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD (Crazily non stop hugging of the lucky bear)

I love you BEARY!!!

Little India

Photography Class is really one of the classes I enjoy to my fullest. Handling a camera is tricky but I am starting to love it. I do not really know how to define a good picture but I do love the sight I take in front of me. I can only try to take it at the best I can.

Little India is one of my favourite photographic spots as it is so colourful. Every where you turn, colour comes rushing into your eyes. I am amazed!

We started out with a nice blue store selling antiques and wood craft! Then we walked on with Lawrence (our lecturer) passing a green door ,

into a yellow alley!

Leading to a retro looking tattoo store.

Next was a store sending home decorations.

Then to a printing store. (some how I love something about this shot, looks like a small exhibit area)

Opposite was a flower garland store, I love this store because of all the hanging flower adornments!

Then further down is a scene I felt I once saw in a Bollywood Movies ( the bikes man)

To a nice sunny open field with the first bicycles and many more to come!

A nice blue sky smiles above us all as we walk down the path.

More bicycles sighted!

A rainbow in the building soars above us.

We walk under them only to discover a rainbow of flowers.

Then again into an alley we walk on. An alley of colours.

Up above were the orange roofs.

Down below was a lavender wall.

Out of the maze we were, only to see yet another bicycle.

Walking a little further than before, we see pass a frame maker’s shop.

To arrive at the end of a rainbow.

Exhausted, we reached a market lane and ended our little journey.

It was a fun rainbow trip! Love it all.


Hey people, I just started school recently like ( 8 weeks ago)  and now then I’m writing about it? Sorry been busy with home work and projects! So far life is fun, I just made a whole class of friends and some from other classes. So how’s my class? Awesome!!!

There is Jenny, my Kpop and beauty Queen friend, want make up tips, look for her!

Avelyn, the ever enthusiastic and knowledgable!

Dixon is the designer toys and character design crazy guy!

Then there is Wei Yang also designer toy crazy and fashionista!

Nicholas is the anime happy and hooping champion at basketball game machine!

Kemala is the very quiet but nice girl to hang out with!

Stephanie and Julia are ever stuck together but they are a whole lot of fun!

The same goes to Xiu hui and Weiting, Fun!

Then there is Renny and Fizz, they are in a band and they wear cool tees all the time!

Fariza, Kai and Hilman are also always together, they are a really cute team. Kai is a guy with a lot of humor, Hilman has really pretty eyes and Fariza is very jovial!

Then there is our class rep, Akansha who is always very responsible for what she does and Nanki who has a real cool identity, love what she wears!

Yup these are the mates from my class!!!

ps: Great to know you guys!!! Thanks for hanging out together!