The Beautiful Thing Known As A Name

A Name. It could be Sally, Joe, Mary or James. Names have meanings so parents who think giving their kids funny names really ought to be serverely scolded.

My name in Chinese, 郑美思, is pronounced as Zheng Mei Si (but my Meisi is like this)

郑 = my surname  美= Beautiful  思=a thought

There is a chinese expression,

美丽思想= mei li si xiang which means a beautiful thought

So far I would say I have lived up to my name:

  • Everything I collect is beautiful
  • Everything I imagine is beautiful, gardens, houses, dreams
  • Everything  junk  I pick up I turn into something beautiful
  • I am a perfectionist so everything I do has a very high standard of beauty
  • The man I wish to marry must have something beautiful in him may it  be either personality, looks or thinking
  • I can always see the beautiful side of something the others will not see
  • I can always think positive and smile beause my world to be is beautiful
  • I love Japan and Paris because those countries are too beautiful beyond my imagination and I wish to live in these places

I always think beautiful although I might not look beautiful.


My favourite beautiful photo of the art installation,”The Falling Gardens”


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