What exactly is Weird?

Weird = Queer = Bizarre

Basically I am all the above. Why?

  • I hate to eat things mixed, I never eat hamburgers because I do not like to eat the patty with the bread. I would seperate them and eat them individually.
  • When drinking soup, my tongue comes out to taste the soup before sipping it down.
  • I hate any vegetables or fruit that are green, yellow and red.
  • While people love to solve things the easy way, I love to solve things the hard way.
  • While people hate to find the needle in the hay stack, I gladly volunteer to find it.
  • I love Junk- may it be paper, price tags, plastic wrappers, cardboard, etc. Anything dry and man made. My friends nick-named me, ” The Environmentalist”.
  • I like to create languages of my own that sound funny but my friends love it so I guess it is alright.
  • I love gothic or visual kei, well this is weird to many.
  • I hold my fork and spoon as if I am holding my pen.
  • I often talk to myself, it is a way of reminding me and cheering myself up.
  • I have so little favourite real food that it is scary.
  • I cheer people up by making weird sounds or rhythm.
  • I laugh at basically anything.
  • I love sweets but I hate sweet stuff like cupcakes.
  • I hate cream!
  • I freak out when I see snail and creepy crawlers!
  • Weird, I am always working.
  • Basically I am weird.

Thanks for hearing me out! Love you guys!



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