4 Talented People In This World That I Respect

1. Matsuyama Kenichi – Young and Rising Asia’s Johnny Depp!!!I have explained in my earlier blog so read that one okay? In my opinion, I hope he can one day collaborate with Tim Burton and be a big hit in Hollywood!!!


2. Tim BurtonThe brains behind all those little grim tales filled with   warmth, like the Nightmare Before Christmas. How can you not love it, the details, the music, the plot and the charcters.It is just fascinating!!!

Nightmare Before Christmas

3. Jonathan Seow – Brains behind Woods and Woods. Genius in my opinion, worked with him and is fascinated by his design and talent and his view of Fashion. Singapore’s Greatest Fashion Designer!!! WOO HOO!!! Jon you ROCK!!!

wood and woods

4. Tord Boontje – Brains behind the beautiful Wednesday Lights and floral art installations, a product designer which beautiful romantic ideas. I am telling you this guy is just so talented, using different medias to make beautiful things. SALUTE!!!

tord Bontje Works

4 amazing figure, 2 from the entertainment industry and 2 from the design industry.


2 responses to “4 Talented People In This World That I Respect

  1. woohoo!!! i love no.2 3 & 4 too!!! will check out no.1 soon.

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