Starting Afresh

I have left my previous job for a better offer. I have been jaded and tired of that job, I stayed for 2 and 1/2  years because I love the people there. Pull and bear is a Middle End Brand and now I am moving on to a Semi High End Brand, Club Monaco.

For this new start, I have began to paint my nails, plucking eye brows, get a great new haircut to look more professional and start wearing high heels to sort of stretch them so as to be able to walk and work in them the next few days.

I even started applying hand cream that I dislike to apply. next I guess I will go for facial and massage.

I am also planning on getting more formal clothes as I will be needing them soon.

New rules, new changes, new things learnt and new things to get used to!!!

So wish me well and I will definately work hard!!!

P.S to myself, Ganbaremasu!!! Atarashi no Starting desu!


2 responses to “Starting Afresh

  1. Yes yes! Jia You! So glad you’re expanding your work experience and all. 🙂

  2. Yeah But I still miss Pull and Bear too! hah I am so greedy!

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