16/04/09 I started work at Club Monaco.

I steamed a lot of clothes, waited on customers and found the first day delightful – for the first time I was not exhausted after work. Love it!!!

17/04/09 My feet hurt like crazy- standing in high heels is no laughing matter, I mean I was full shift!!! My poor feet!!! But, delivery was fun!!!

CLUB MONACO- A Toronto Brand, CHIC CLASSIC URBAN are the keywords to describe the brand!!! We offer a lot of light cashmere knits which are comfortable and very soft.  Our monos also come in many colours, styles and are very comfortable. Core colours are BLACK & WHITE and supporting colours will be Coral, Electric Blue, Lilac, Yellow and Green and I personally love CORAL!

Check out CLUB MONACO at N gee Ann City B1.


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