N389 -The siblings that GOD led me to find

N389- CHC cell group

They never give up on me no matter the amount of times I couldn’t attend service, or cell group and fellowship with them is something I try not to miss!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Sherin- The coolest and ever so happy and energetic devoting big sister who is currently overseas with her lao gong !!!

Jo- Another very energetic and a super women who devotes her time to us!!!

Vincent- My brother who never fails to update me about everything!!! Thank you!!

Tina – Vincent’s wifey who is gentle and very sweet and well taken care by Vincent!!!

Amy- My hug partner- we love to hug and chat up and she is juz so cheerful!!!

Alex- My dear friend who turns me to ice blocks with his humour!!!

Mei Ting- Alex’s little sister who is always bullied by Alex, a very nice caring young lady!!!

Mei Man- An aspiring leader and friend!!!

Jasmine- The more dressier of the trio (with Mei Thing and Mei Man)!!!

Christina- This big sister is all smiles and I stick to her a lot!!!

Damien- This big brother is the bf of the big sister above ( they are the perfect match), lame, funny, final fantasy association (yeah!!!) rockband, music dude!!! (Ideal big brother)

Darryl- A gentlemen but I need to understand him more, how should I put it- I lack topics to converse with him. Well he is very matured!

Peter- KAWAII big brother who cares and dotes me!!! CUTE!!!

Michael- A very interesting and entertaining and hard working older brother!!!

Jia Qing – Another very entertaining and funny person!!!

Cheryl-Energetic, nice, matured and caring  person!!!

Kenneth- Very nice guy, has a close relation with Peter (ha ha) and is Mr sparkling Teeth! He is a Dentist!!!

Qiu Ping- Very sweet and petite little lady!!!

Melissa- A smart and successful lady I always hoped to be!!!

Terry- The whiz dude who animates cool characters and update me on cool movies to look out for!!!

These are a few people who I am closer to but would love to expand the family of course!!!

PS. GOD thank you for letting me meet these wonderful and colourful people thru my dear friend Alex, I owe him a bunch!!!

ALEX: Owe you a bunch but dun dream that I will get you a VAIO!!! 😛

N389 Card


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