The Family I loved and Left- PULL AND BEAR

Pull and Bear- Ngee Ann City I LOVE YOU SO

This place was a place I worked hard. A place I had fun in. A place I grew up with. A place that the word “FAMILY” exists and stayed. A place where I felt most comfortable yet felt most stressed but I loved it all and LEFT.

My Family consists of a big group of people which became smaller as time past but no matter where we are, we were still a family I believe.

I cried, laughed, had fun, smiled, did crazy things, went outings with, worked hard together with this great family.

I suddenly had so many siblings around me and Uncle Dom was like a doting father to all of us. I have my brothers Eugene, Kah Fai and Tomy! I had my little indie sisters Kha and Eileen and Eil’s Indie boyfren, Aaron ( cute indie brother) !!! My matured, sexy and understanding sisters, Tiff, Maz and Foong Yee!!! Then comes my “sort” and “little chomel” sisters, Xiu & Fara who stick by and share things with me!!! Then the 4 legendary big sisters, (S,M, E, A, S, L & M) I look up to!!!

This is a Great Loving Family I truely miss and that is why I go to the store everyday that I work to catch up with them as much as possible!!!


Sharon and I

You have no idea how nervous I was when Sharon (former COO) wanted to take a photo with me, everyone in the store idolizes and looks up to her secretly but now the secret is out!


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