Digged out some cool things from my school days!!!

Ha a photo collection of me modeling for my friend’s, Heidi, collection! That was fun when you are the in house model of your class you get to wear everyone’s designs! HA HA

And then when we went for our collection photoshoot, Joe had a little fun in front of Heidi’s Camera!!! And if you ask me would I rather choose to go back to that time! Yeah! Heaven Yeah! The reality then was your mind is fresh and nothing can stop you from doing anything.

The reality now is your mind is still fresh but reality hits you and say no money no talk, now that’s the difference!

Money to me is just to buy things. But,

 ART is a gift, a joy and the breath of life to me. Thanks to my HEAVENLY FATHER above, for giving me the greatest gift in life, ART.




heidi model



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