The “Lisa Day Out!!!!” Part 1

lisa big day copyresized

On the 29th, at about 11pm I reached Lisa’s Soho Apartment at Central! We then proceeded to O Bar. The end of her birthday was the start of our crazy clubbing night!


Lisa, Ming Li, Weiqi and I went crazy on the dance floor. Ok! Sorry it was more like I went crazy! Ha ha. Well we danced the night through, was served by a cute but attitude problem bartender, meet a ” I love dancing in circles” pervert and ended the night at Mcdonalds.

Whooh! That was tiring! But the best ever so far!

Then we headed back to Sa Sa’s cosy apartment and awaited the arrival of our dear Grace Scarlett Young! While we waited for our turns to shower, we also started to doze off.


Finally Grace came, she showered and we prepared our beds and we all fell asleep. Sa Sa’s bed was just too good and thanks to that I had a really great sleep.



Sa Sa’s apartment is wack! I love the whole interior deco! I love the view too!


Haha Here is Lisa in her comfty bed!!!! Thanks for letting us stay in your house! It’s great!!!

Well so that ended our first day!!! Stay Tuned for the next!!!


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