The “Lisa Day Out” Part 2


I woke up greeting the 3 little mice on the shelf and two sleeping logs, Weiqi and Grace. I tip-toed down thw wooden steps and found Lisa serving the web on her Macbook. I proceeded to take a shower and went back up to find 2 sleepy girls with great bed hair! Ha Ha!

Lisa crept up to join us and we managed to wake Ming Li up while having our little conversation.

Apparently Ming Li woke up first, the sun woke her up at 7am. Poor thing had to turn and sleep the other way!

Lisa woke up at 1oam then I at 11am and our dear girls, Weiqi and Grace both at 11:30am.

The start of the day was to head out for Breakfast/Lunch and to collect Lisa’s Big Opera Cake!

Weiqi and Grace headed out to collect the cake and the rest of us headed for our Breakfast/ Lunch at HOOTERS!


The weather was great and the colours of the surrounding were so radiant. It felt like I was in a different country having a holiday! I loved that feeling always. It was the feeling of being refreshed!


So Sa Sa led the way and I enjoyed every bit of this little walk to HOOTERS! Let’s talk a bit about Sa Sa, a whiz kid who loves design and loves sharing her guitar heros with me!!! HA HA HA! She’s a great cook too! You’ll see later!!!




So this is HOOTERS! Weiqi told us about the lunch promotion. Their set lunches were $10 inclusive of a free soup, drink, coffee/ tea and an ice cream and guess what?! Their portions are huge!

So Ming Li and Sa Sa opted for Cheesy Sandwiches, Weiqi, Grace and I opted for Black Pepper Steak!


The above would be Miss Ming Li! A very tall, slender and funny girl!


Here is Weiqi and Grace. Weiqi is my closest friend who seriously own friendster (ha ha ha), she has a huge net work of friends! Grace is like a little sister who buys, loves and owns many luxuries but she is a really cool girl!

These are my girl friends who listen to my nags, complaints, my childish rants  but still stick with me! Thank you so much!


Food came. First the soup, Garlic Potato Soup, then our meals. Our side dish which Sa ordered was amazing. Look below.


What’s This? Option A: Mussels / Option B: Shrimps / Option C: Pickles

The Answer is Pickles!!! And I who hates this actually ate this and thought it tasted YUM! It tasted like meat!

After all this and the coffee/ Tea. Our ice cream came and I loved it! Raspberry Ice cream!!!!!!!


My cute cool and refreshing ice cream!!! Then, Shannon came and joined us at the last minute. When he was done, Weiqi and Grace headed to the apartment, Ming Li went to work and Shannon, Sa and I headed to Liang Court to get groceries for the night!


Stay tuned!!! There’s More coming up!!!



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