The “Lisa Day Out ” Part 3 (END)

At Liang Court, we bought groceries. Shannon and I looked for sushi material while Lisa bought her pasta making material and then we headed to pay! And I found lots of cute mushrooms, couldn’t help it, had to take a picture! Ha ha!!!


With these, we visited Kinokuniya and headed back! Shannon and I battled out on Guitar Heroes while the rest prepared the feast! HA HA !



And Qi helped me take photos of my rockstar moments!



So far I have only managed to master the first 3 buttons and strumming but still isn’t very good yet! But I had fun! After a while, I went to switch roles with Grace!


Grace and Shannon battling out! By the Way, Shannon’s my best best designer buddy!!! Shannon is super creative and his designs just too good!!! Please support this future budding designer!!!


I started cutting up the ingrediants for the sushi and Qi started rolling sushis then passing them to me to chop’ em up! Lisa was stiring and cooking up a storm!!!


Well chopping and cutting have always been my specialty!!! Ha ha I really enjoyed this cooking and preparation of food experience!!!


While I waited for more sushi rolls to arrive at my chopping board, looking out the window really made me feel so happy because everything was just right today!!! I am with my friends, the weather’s great, the experience is fun and we are all so happy!!!

window view

Soon Shannon had to go and we had to get ready for the party tonight!!! The food was ready!!!


A table full of food!!!


The Garlic Bread is just too good!!! The best that I have ever tasted!!! It is so delicious!!!! Lisa is a Genius!!!


The pasta had two sauces, pork meat tomato and chicken tomato!!!! YUM! Lisa is a Genius!!!


Then there was the sushi that Weiqi rolled and I chopped!


Lisa is a Genius!!! Every christmas I drink this and I thrist for more!!! HA HA , favourite fruit punch!!!


At around late 7pm – 8 pm, guests started flowing in. We had Heidi, Jun Jie, Kin Yik and his Gal then Ming Li!!! Ha ha Jun Jie was having a entertaining conversation battle with Heidi and we laughed along and I also got bullied along the way!!!


New found friends!!! HA HAHA Heidi and JJ!!!

Soon we dimmed the lights and celebrated Lisa’s Belated Birthday!!!




Qi brought out the cake, we sang Happy Birthday and Lisa made a wish!!! She looked so happy!!! This is how a birthday should be!!!


We gathered around and ate the cake which was another YUMMY treat and Heidi and I left for the day!!! It was such a great experience and such a wonderful memory to keep always!!!


Had so much fun so TONIGHT, I will be going again to have this great fun time again!!!! See Ya Soon!!!



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