4 kids 2 girls & 2 Boys

BANNer weird copy

KIDS, that’s what we are!!! We laugh and play and joke around!!!

I had Dinner with Fahara at BK cineleisure, we were starved after finishing a Trend Presentation Mood Board. We ordered our food and the BK crowns caught our eyes!!

Eagerly we placed them on and became to little princesses!! Silly you would call it but uber Fun!!!

We took a series of pictures!!! HA HA we got stuck on Klein’s Favourite Quote: “Oh YEAH!”


We munched, Fahara is a master of mischief!!! She was so cute at all the face making!!!

fahara 1 copy


fahara 2

Ha ha ha she’s still at it!!!

Having dinner with her made me think of how much fun it would be if we had dinner with Haliff and Jerry too!!!


Haliff looking cool in his UNIQLO wind-breaker!!!


This is Haliff, the bestest boyfriend that his girlfriend has!!! Ha Ha, he was the first person I got to know in Club Monaco!!! He is a package of Mischeif all in one but he’s a friend’s friend!!!! And he loves BMX, Watches, Tools and Shoes!!! MARC JACOBS and exclusive Branded Items!!!

 I miss taking the MRT with him!!!

I miss his Black Sheep tee shirt too!!!


Then there is Jerry. On the first look, you think he is some quiet dude but erm… he is actually quite funny, loves to dance Techtonic and has the “Prince Virus”!!!

But now he’s just Bob, Bob Marley man!!!


When I think of them, I am reminded of the time when Fahara, Haliff, Jerry and I did closing and then they started dancing after!!! It was hilarious!!! It was unforgettable!!!


Although now the Team is all girls, they are very strong people with potential too. The team is made up of Yasi, Klein, Fahara, Huda, Syera, Jerean and myself!!!

We are all adults but we know inside we are still kids waiting for a certain time when we can just let out and play together again!!!


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