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This story takes place after Dirge Of Cerberus secret Ending,



After the series of JENOVA projects that created Sephiroth, Genesis and Angeal. Another Project had developed an Elite force, Deep Ground.

 Project Deep Ground’s outcome were two very strong beings. The first was known as EX.NO.1 and the other was known as Weiss, the Immaculate King who ruled the Deep Ground Force.

EX.NO.1 was forgotten.

Until that day… …

Weiss hears a voice calls out to him: Who… who was that?

Female Voice shouting in a distance: Weiss, you got to wake up!!! Come on!!!

Weiss was unable to see her but wakes up to see Gensis staring blankly at him: I… Genesis!!!

Genesis still staring blankly at him takes out his LOVELESS novel and stares at a verse :  You have been out for 3 months.

Weiss was feeling amazed at his survival: How is it I am still alive?

Genesis explains but continues to read his LOVELESS rather than look Weiss in the eye: Fusion of my Genova cells in you. I transferred blood to keep you from rotting away but then it actually healed you up.

Memories of the recent battle floated back into Weiss’s head and memories he had once forgotten flashed through his mind uncontrollably and then all when dark.

EX.NO.1! Crisolya, the Everlast, I gave her that name.

Made together in the same Experiment Laboratory. The exact opposite copy of each other.

Made the same way but programmed differently.

What Happened?! Where are you?! Weiss thought out loudly in his brain.

Genesis speaks calmly: Weiss, Getting Weak, aren’t you?

Weiss feeling hatred swell up in him exclaims: I saw Crisolya, she woke me up! But where in the world have SHINRA hidden her?!

Genesis now finally puts down his book, stares at Weiss: Let’s go Back to DG Head Quarters. I’ve got  presents for you.

Weiss gave a silent stare but followed sensing that this had to be something to do with Crisolya.

Weiss and Genesis had reached DG HQ. Genesis led the way to the throne and in it was Crisolya’s lifeless body.

Around the throne were Mako pods. In it were Nero the Saber, Rosso the Crimson and Azul the Cerulean. All laid lifeless as Crisolya.

Weiss belows: What is the meaning of this?!

Genesis smiles: Patience, my brother. This is the begining of our revival plan to rule the world. And lead our soldier boy, Cloud and his little friends to HELL.


Crisolya A.K.A The EVERLAST (The Phoenix sleeps in her but needs to be rewaken by the JENOVA cells of Sephiroth)

Has the same Elite qualities as WEISS but her motives given by SHINRA are different from his given motives.

President Shinra created her using Sephiroth’s Jenova cells. She was also able to hold a total of 12 Aeons inside her without disrupting her body system.

What Role was she given? To be the wife of  WEISS, to assist in his missions and to support him always. WEISS and her were the only 2 subject that could communicate with each other using telepathy.

Although she was made for WEISS, Sephiroth was also in love with her. Disappeared 11 years from today due to an explosion in the SHINRA Gongaga Mako Reactor Experimentation LAB. Her project was cancelled off as they were not able to retrieved her body.

Found again by Genesis, she is lifeless but in these 11 years her tissues did not decomposed and so she still remained flawless. Intriguing!

Only way to revive her: Sephiroth’s Jenova Cells




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