Miss Hello Kitty!

BANNer weird copy

Hello, Hello Kitty!!!

On the 17 September, it was the start of the Limited Edition Hello Kitty Event! On Pedder was celebrating her birthday so they got the designers they collaborated with to come up with limited Hello Kitty merchandise!

Even however tom-boyish I am, I am still a girl!!! So of course when I saw all the Hello Kitty Babies!!! I just couldn’t help but find them ” SUPER CUTE”!!!!


The display was so Cute!!! We just started taking pictures of everything!!!



The knitted kitties were everywhere, it delighted me so!!! I felt like a little girl again!!!


The store window was awesomeness!!! Well done, Yi Tong!!!


Rich baby girls are kind of lucky these days huh? If you are the rich mum, you would buy the pram and the dolls, how ENVIOUS!!!!


The shoes were really cool and the like the necklaces too!!!


I loved the setup, it was cute and chic!!!


These are my favourites!!!


And they cost $180!!! Cute Plushie baby!!!


I wanted to give it a miss due to tiredness but I am glad I did not!!! At the end, we were each given a goodies bag of Hello Kitty Foodies!!!


The theme was pink and white, thank GOD!!! I had this pink top!!!

What a uber CUTE and Happy day!!!! 


2 responses to “Miss Hello Kitty!

  1. harlo….i really din knw abt this kitty shoe until today. Do you know how much does it cost? Any idea where can I still get it??

    • Sorry for the late late reply! You use to be able to get it at OnPeddar but the shoes were limited edition so they sold out real fast!

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