Stay at the Quay

BANNer weird copy

Staying over at Lisa’s Place again!

It was another Late Night OUT, 11pm same time same place, Lisa’s Soho Apartment. O BAR was the destination as usual! Free Flow on Ladies’ Nite!

3 Girls, Junia Lisa Ella got ready headed out to a fun nite of dance and drinks and enjoyed a good old meal at McD after that headed back to the apartment and crashed!

While heading out of O BAR, there was a laundry store which looks very old school and it looked like the kind you did see in the movies!


Everytime when I stayed over at Lisa’s, it was the peace and comfort that didn’t make me want to leave. I love it !

Waking up to a different place really was like a whole new adventure! Anyways today we were heading to Marina! Junia had to attend a company meeting so Sa and I accompanied her there! But before anything … we headed to our favourite spot, HOOTERS!


GOTH LOOK always!


HOOTERS!!! The meals there rock!!!! AWW so miss it!!!!


Well after Lunch we headed to the bus stop which was a distance away and then we waited under the hot sun! Well I got bored so I took a picture of my two friends!

Even when we hopped on the bus, Junia took a rest, Sa was on her SUDOKU and I was snapping away on my handphone!!!

bus trip

When walking towards Marina Square, we had a good view of the Flyer. It was never up to my standard, after viewing all the romantic ones in Japan. I didn’t really appreciate the Singapore version but that day it did look pretty nice.


Sa and I went bowling and then we met up with Junia and started shopping! I bought a huge size 18 top and a quilted red bag with chain slings! Both at $19 but with an additional 10% off!!!!


Great Buys! We then headed over to Suntec where we met up with Grace and contacted Ming Li for dinner at Ngee Ann City Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao!


We had a great dinner at Crystal Jade and we waited for Jun Jie who arrived pretty late ans somehow that day I felt really tired and got a little sensitive! My Bad!

Then we headed to Sa’s apartment for a game of Truth! And we all crashed together!

Woke up with Grace, Jun Jie and Min Li who have all gone to work! I got ready for breakfast with Sa & Junia and then we headed home!

I will never forget my stay at Sa’s!!! I thank her for generously letting us sleep over!!!


NOTICE: SA!!!! WISH you well for your studies!!!! All the best!!! See you soon!!!


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  1. Thanks Ella, all the best for you as well!

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