Brisbane Road Trip

Heya! Just came back from Brisbane! Not to long ago. I went for 12 days by Emirates, really incredible service and their ICE entertainment on the plane is really cool!!!


I went there with mum&dad and we all stayed at my aunt’s place! And made friends with a TIGER!!!

Oh and BTW, here is a picture of my parents and my Aunt Beng Hong.

So here we have DAD, MUM and AUNT BENG HONG (MUM’s eldest sister).

Brisbane is a peaceful, cosy and sunny country. It has some similarities with Singapore. e.g. I see a lot of asians there, and when you are in the city well the sky scrapers sort of remind you of Singapore too.

But of course there is a lot of differences like their shopping centres ans their supermarts are really huge. They have many handy craft shops and life style shops.  I love their libraries because you can borrow up to 20 books and the limit is 4 weeks!!! Unless you see a sticker that says “Fast Book” then you must return that in a week!!!

Their transport service is excellent, it always arrives on the time show on the board especially for bus servicies!!! The Train service is very cool too as they are actually trains (I mean not like our dear MRT) and they are really clean and comfty!!!

It is kind of easy to get around except their street signs are not very visible unlike ours. So you can easily miss it so it isn’t very helpful at night.

Then on Wednesday night, a town club near my aunt’s place has beef and pork special so we will usually head there for dinner. Have a drink or two, a chat and see the people dancing. And I will be there playing the Jackpot machines! They are really fun!

In the day, the club hold ruby matches and other forms of sports so here I am in front one of their courts.

What is there else to do? Well check out their flea markets because the Australians are great craft people!!! I love their stuff!!! They are all kind of cool!!!

There is so many flea markets but it’s a pity I couldn’t go to all of them. So I went to the Young Designers’ Market which happens every 2nd Sunday of the month. It has 70 stalls with really aspiring designers. This is at little Stanley street.  Grab’em all I did!!!

Brought back lots of cool stuff!!! The after that we headed to South Bank for more flea market and then I found a store full of iron-on patches. I spent of cause, they were really worth the price so I snagged quite a bit. If you want to order any please go to :

When I went to the China Town Flea Market , I ran into the gut who sold me the patches so why not, Take A Picture!!!

He has a few stalls running in numerous places. Sucessful chap!!!

I really enjoyed their flea markets because each stall sells different stuff unlike Singapore, most stall sells cheap clothes. I don’t complain about the hand made accessories in Singapore, I find their cool but the cheap imported clothes is kinda of over done. We need more interesting stuff, people!!!

While on my journey I found this really could van, “The Mystery Machine”.

It reminds me of Scooby Doo. Well don’t see this kind of cool things often!!!

After spending most of our days in Brisbane, Aunt took us to Gold Coast on the Second Last day. We breeze through a few stores on the way and I saw beautiful attique jewelry and a lot of high end stuff. This was a rich man’s area to hang out and in the middle of this place was a threatre that looked super old school!!! Love it!!!

There were boats everywhere because people there lived in really nice houses on the water!!! They are RICH!!!! After all the shopping comes food, George’s Paragon. An Greek Seafood Restaurant, I enjoyed the Moulton Bay Bugs (Cray Fish-like) and the king prawns!!! Super Delicious!!!

After this, we headed to check out the one and only VERSACE Hotel. It is very grand and very elegant. It’s like WOW when you walk in!!!

I am very amazed by the sight!!! Even my parents who know nothing of VERSACE were amazed. That’s why design speaks for itself.

We headed for Jupiters Casino next, although unlike the Casino in Brisbane. I somehow felt the atmosphere in this casino to be more lively maybe beause of the timing. So what do you do in a casino. You gamble on JACKPOTS!!!

Haha I really love Jackpots and scratch tickets. When you gamble, know when to stop. Or else forget it.

After that we headed to Pacific Shopping Mall, one of the largest malls in Gold Coast to shop and I found a dress for A Jolly Event I will be attending.

Oh BTW, I found a really cool fascinator in the city that matches the dress!!! It’s too cute, i had to buy it. You don’t see fascinators much here and if so, they cost a bomb and look rather unfascinating. So I guess I am really lucky!!!

When night came we visited another flea market near Surfers’ Paradise and I saw a lot of amazing stuff but I was kind of on a budget then as I have spent quite a lot!!!

Look at these pretty lanterns, I really loved them but I am BROKE!!! ha ha

We headed for a Chinese Restaurant after and had a really good meal!!! The taste of home!!! After the meal, we headed back and packed.

The Brisbane Airport had Mod-like chairs and the design of the airport waiting area was clean and edgy. Finally, we were going home!!! I missed home!!!

After tuching down in Singapore, I couldn’t wait to get home. It’s true there is no place like home.


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