Turning Point


I was trained as a designer who now is working as a sales executive. Often I didn’t have the drive to push myself to do my little own projects but lately I am beginning to do so. I used to make bags, accessories, do interesting gift-wrapping. Lately I just created a 2010 calendar. I am kind of concern that my creative side is sliding off so I am doing all I can to keep it going.

I loved art ever since young, I always believed God gave me the gift of design and appreciation.  ART + MUSIC +APPRECIATION= Unless JOY

Maybe my weirdness is a side effect of my gift but I do not mind it. I love it.
So in this 2010, I wish everyone well and for those dear friends who drop by once in a while, THANK YOU for your dearest vist and comments.

Maybe  Prawnzo (S_A_ _ON) and I might cook up a label too. Who knows!

LOVE, ellaisweird


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