An inspiration from Above.

I love angels, beause they have wings and are beautiful but now I love them more beause they are God’s Messangers. Jesus sent them to surround me and protect me from harm’s way.

I love angels a lot. Seeing angel items will make me tempted to buy and so I saw the picture below on Urban Jan 15 2010.

The above was the shot glass version. They are from Page One and I didn’t have time to go but one day while I was in Holland V, I found another the mug version of it sitting in Anthropology.

I was exetremely happy. Do look.

I am really thankful to the one who has created this mug. I always believed we are Jesus’s media to creation. Because everyone is different that’s why Jesus let us see differently and create things or way.

I am very happy to be a child of the Kingdom.

Below are the materials used and the company who created it.


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