LOEWE introduces NAPA

Recently at Ngee Ann City Level 2 (just next to Jo Malone & Kim Robinsons) was The Loewe Napa Exhibition.

What is Napa?

Napa is the softest, most lightweight leather which is made from a special breed of lamb ( a traditional spanish material). It is treated and buffed by hand to achieve the consistant o.7 mm thickness and it must not have any defects as it will show when the skin is dyed. The process just mentioned are of course done by efficient specialists.

The Material was first used for clothing but in the early 1980s, Loewe started to use it to create bags and hence it created the most light weight bag in luxury.

This exhibition was opened to public. I was curious so I went in to take a look. It had rooms which explained 3 characteristics of Napa, which was softness, smoothness and light weight.

The above is the first room which illustrated the softness of a pillow and the comfort. As you can see it is white andreminded me of a lounge with bean bags and furry pillows.  SOFT.

The 2nd room illustrated the smoothness using layers of silk hanging down from the ceiling, the rich colours and the smooth, silky touch of the material. SMOOTH

The third room illustrated lightness using round transparent globes containing feathers and strong wind stiring them wildly. I really like this room, simple but very pretty. LIGHT

The last room was filled with the Napa leather goods, their lightness were also reflected in their names. The names were Cielo (sky), Viento (wind), Brisa (breeze) and Aura.

In conclusion,

Napa is as soft as a pillow, as smooth as silk and as light as a feather.

At the end of the experience, you could enter a lucky draw and the prize is a LOEWE Viento bag.

I liked the set up, it was a little good break from my work. Sort of re-charged me!!! Thank you LOEWE for the fun experience!!!


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