My Birthday Present


On my birthday, My mum bought me a pair of booties from Peddered. I always love rock elements in clothes and accessories, you know all the metal studs, leather and Black (such a cool colour). I am also into really high heels now. I am so in love with this pair of booties, they are my pride and joy.

First off, the shape and design of it is so cool, the black fur, the metal buckles and the slick leather. The fit is good although it is a little big ( I am a 36, but 38 was the last pair so…) and when I wear it, I feel fearless and powerful.

So that was the first time I experienced the feeling of power dressing. Wearing the right things to make you more confident and fearless. That feeling was awesome!!! Hell Yeah!!!

Lately I am into all the dark colours too, as I am quite fair wearing dark colours make me stand out a lot so I kind of like how they work out with my skin!!! Black is always a favourite, classic and chic altogether.

So here are my Black Beauties.


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