R.I.P Alexander Mcqueen

Dear All,

I am shocked and saddened by the news of my favourite British Designer, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN.

Although I didn’t know him in person, I knew him as a designer. The Bad Boy of British Fashion was Brillant, a Prodigy and a Visionary. He is versatile and his fashion has this unique tail to tell as if every collection was a wonderful story. He is my favourite story teller.

I loved all his collections but I love the colours, silhouettes and the playful elements in this very beautiful collection. I mean take a look at the destails of the head gear below. EYE OPENER!

His suicide was due to the ,passing away of his mother 10 days ago. The pain in his heart must be unimaginable. She was his inspiration, fuel to his designs and so I believe if your muse dies, it must have been hard to moved on.

He has a extremely close bond with his Mother, Joyce, who once asked what his most terrifying fear was, he replied dying before her.

After his death, I rushed to ONPEDDER to pick out one of his scarves, a yellow one with the skulls, I already had a black and white one but why not? News have reported that his line had made a 1400% increase after his death as fans had rushed to grab momentos. In Singapore, locals have rushed to Club 21 and snapped up his collection in less than a few hours.

It is our way of showing our grief and our gratitiude to this very extrodinary designer.

Alexander Mcqueen, Thank you for your wonderful fashion, vision, stories and inspiration. Thank you for the letting me see how fashion can go to such an extent of beauty. You will be greatly remembered by the world.

Thank you, Joyce McQueen for giving birth to a child with unlimited talent and imagination that has opened new doors of wonder to us.

May the both Mother & Son rest in peace.

Here is a look at my favourite Alexander McQueen accessory besides his scarf which I use all the time is his Alexander McQueen X Puma shoes!!!

Bought these at VENUE a long time ago, although it is slightly small but I love them. Look at the colours, HOT PINK, MUSTARD YELLOW, SILVER, BLACK SUEDE & LEATHER and that SIL/ BLK laces.  Just love the design.

Feeling:  Really sad now, got to get over it but I guess will take a while.


One response to “R.I.P Alexander Mcqueen

  1. Was browsing through his website and store today but still feeling really sad and happy that I can still see his brand there but no one is able to replace him or even come close to him in design.

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