Instinc! Say Yeah to Shih Yun!

INSTINC – Real Cool ART Space

What is Instinc? I don’t think a lot of us know do we?

INSTINC was founded by Singaporean artist Yeo Shih Yun in Nov 2004. It aims to foster friendship beween other artists and organizations. instinc is a dynamic space in continuous process of creation and is committed in supporting all forms of contemporary art.

 An artist-run space.

The objectives of INSTINC:

* To provide a space managed by artists in order to establish a vibrant environment for creative practice and dialogue.

* To offer the public an opportunity to experience art in the making through OPEN STUDIOS and further visitors’ understanding of the creative process and work technique.

* To provide opportunities for the sharing of ideas between other artists and also with the broader community through activities such as OPEN STUDIOS & various art workshops.

* To bring together budding artists that can work independently yet with a sense of community and cooperation.

(Totally took the above from their webbie because it’s cool!)

Well if you look at the above, you got to agree this place is too cool. Guess what?! They even have projects for all to join! Check the ” Call fo submission” area!

Thrilled really! Well if you are an art lover or artist, why not join in the fun!

I got to know of Instinc through a Club Monaco Event a couple of months ago, we had an Art Jamming session too! I got to paint on canvas, basically we listen to music and painted freely to what came to mind or what you want to paint.

I did some spirals and a jacket, I liked both! First hand on canvas but it was fun! Really fun!

I like the Art space, it was cozy and relaxed with huge framed artworks on the wall. I also met Shih Yun, the founder of the place and believed everyone had a great time at the event!

(Shih Yun on far left)

Although ART seems to come across as a not-very-promising-future to many but those who love ART like me know the Joy, the Feeling of achievement when we finish an Art work, the beauty of Art, the results of Art and there are so many great things I can say about Art.

I love Art, I am always drawn to it and I appreciate Art and hunger for it too!

So if you want to enjoy more of ART, do check out the INSTINC website!

Have Fun! Cheers!


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