This is the “Bag”

I love this Bag! It’s one of my superior’s powerful bags as how I call it. Well my superior is a career women with high and precise standards. She is also a great follower of POWER DRESSING and hence she always look ready for war (looks great – dress to impress- Number one step to a good first impression – and so I think) all the time. Her famous quote is ” You never know who you will meet, maybe your boss or a client “. So yup, her dressing, shoes and bags are all powerful.

But, this is the “Bag”. I love the use of Leather and Metal, it a functional Beautiful Art piece. I love the  little tin soldier at the side. It is a really stunning well crafted Unique Bag. It’s got a slight weight to it though.

This beautiful bag is by the late Alexander McQueen. Genius! And also thanks to my superior for having so many beautiful things that I can bless my eyes with!


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