My favourite plushies

I have two favourite toys in my room that I love the most! One is the ever dashing Jack Skellington of Nightmare Before Christmas and the other is Anabelle of the Nightmares & Fairy Tales comic series’.

Firstly, Jack is the Pumpkin King of Halloween town. He is a character that is full of mischeif but has a good heart. I love this character because it reminds me of the movie and Tim Burton’s talent. I really love how he made Halloween fun and totally got me hooked to it. Nightmare Before Christmas is my favourite movie and left a very deep impression in me.

Anabelle was a gift for my birthday. I first saw her in a comic store and she is packaged in a paper coffin box lined with red satin. But she is so cute that I told them I have to have her. She’s always my favourite plushie because of her goth outlook, her red eyes, purple hair, white little dress and striped stocking and cute mary jane shoes! She’s pretty!

Alright that’s all for my favourite dark friends! They just look dark but they all have their little stories! Halloween 24/7 365 days!


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