Kang Dong Won

Kang Dong Won is a famous korean model and actor. Born on 18 Jan 1981, that makes him 5 years older than me. I lately only got to know of him after watching The Taoist Wizard Woochi, he kept me stuck to the screen. Why? He looked so good in the clothes he was wearing in the movie. Firstly he is 186cm tall and has a really good body figure. After all the googling and research, he is also the fashionista of korean men.

I can’t really say what but he has this aura that I do not see in other korean actors and boy is his acting good. I have now watched 1% Chance (Drama Serial) which I rate okay, The Duelist that has very beautiful sword fighting scenes (LOVE!), Temptation of The Wolves which is quite nice too, Maundy Thursday that had me heartbroken at the end (Bittersweet and Sad), Too Beautiful to Lie which was quite funny, The Voice of A Murderer which I enjoyed his cold.ruthless.intelligent killer tone and then finally M which is a really intriguing and very interesting Mystery.

Recently, I managed to catch Secret Reunion ( Movie). It was great! A story about a friendship between an ex- south Korean Cop and a North Korean Militant. I think the story was great and I was touched at the end. Kang Dong Won  suave as ever accompanied by Song Kang Ho another leading actor.

What I have yet to watch is Magic (TV Drama) .

I have seen a lot of korean dramas and movies and I enjoy their silly, funny, cute and romantic movies but Kang Dong Won’s Movies are different. I love it, he is korea’s Johnny Depp like Matsuyama Kennichi is Japan’s. It’s kind of sad that Singapore has so little of his movies that I ended up ordering some from Yesasia.com.

What amazes me more is his contrasting personality. He is usually shy, very down to earth and polite in life after watching numerous interviews but on screen he changes into so many different livelier characters! It amazes me!

What amazes me is also his fashion. I love it and I think he looks like a beautiful beast with a very nice warm heart!

PS: Kang Dong Won Shi, Aja Fighting! BTW, check out Tord Boontje too since you are into lights and interiors.


6 responses to “Kang Dong Won

  1. kang dong won so perfact at movie and himsel.i love him for ever

  2. Thanks for the info. I enjoyed him in Country Princess. Now I’m going to look for some of these others you’ve mentioned. In “Queen of Reversals”, one of the characters is named Kang Dong Won and they keep commenting about how unlike the actor he is. It was a cute running gag.

  3. kang dong won is my fave actor!! hehehe

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