Hey people, I just started school recently like ( 8 weeks ago)  and now then I’m writing about it? Sorry been busy with home work and projects! So far life is fun, I just made a whole class of friends and some from other classes. So how’s my class? Awesome!!!

There is Jenny, my Kpop and beauty Queen friend, want make up tips, look for her!

Avelyn, the ever enthusiastic and knowledgable!

Dixon is the designer toys and character design crazy guy!

Then there is Wei Yang also designer toy crazy and fashionista!

Nicholas is the anime happy and hooping champion at basketball game machine!

Kemala is the very quiet but nice girl to hang out with!

Stephanie and Julia are ever stuck together but they are a whole lot of fun!

The same goes to Xiu hui and Weiting, Fun!

Then there is Renny and Fizz, they are in a band and they wear cool tees all the time!

Fariza, Kai and Hilman are also always together, they are a really cute team. Kai is a guy with a lot of humor, Hilman has really pretty eyes and Fariza is very jovial!

Then there is our class rep, Akansha who is always very responsible for what she does and Nanki who has a real cool identity, love what she wears!

Yup these are the mates from my class!!!

ps: Great to know you guys!!! Thanks for hanging out together!


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