Little India

Photography Class is really one of the classes I enjoy to my fullest. Handling a camera is tricky but I am starting to love it. I do not really know how to define a good picture but I do love the sight I take in front of me. I can only try to take it at the best I can.

Little India is one of my favourite photographic spots as it is so colourful. Every where you turn, colour comes rushing into your eyes. I am amazed!

We started out with a nice blue store selling antiques and wood craft! Then we walked on with Lawrence (our lecturer) passing a green door ,

into a yellow alley!

Leading to a retro looking tattoo store.

Next was a store sending home decorations.

Then to a printing store. (some how I love something about this shot, looks like a small exhibit area)

Opposite was a flower garland store, I love this store because of all the hanging flower adornments!

Then further down is a scene I felt I once saw in a Bollywood Movies ( the bikes man)

To a nice sunny open field with the first bicycles and many more to come!

A nice blue sky smiles above us all as we walk down the path.

More bicycles sighted!

A rainbow in the building soars above us.

We walk under them only to discover a rainbow of flowers.

Then again into an alley we walk on. An alley of colours.

Up above were the orange roofs.

Down below was a lavender wall.

Out of the maze we were, only to see yet another bicycle.

Walking a little further than before, we see pass a frame maker’s shop.

To arrive at the end of a rainbow.

Exhausted, we reached a market lane and ended our little journey.

It was a fun rainbow trip! Love it all.


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