Epic Fun with My Classmates

The Many Epic Encounters

So it’s another normal day out with Jenny, Avelyn, Dixon, Nicholas, Wei Yang and I. We were in school to pass up our essays to Mark (our lecturer). After that was lunch, Dixon bought an i-phone 4 and also brought along his Blackbird Camera -Limited Edt Hot Pink! We were very attracted by the colour, Sweet!

Avelyn then terrorised Wei Yang’s i-phone and I did the same to Nicholas’s. Ha the next will be Dixon’s!!! After, we headed to iluma, where Dixon went to collect his Play Imaginative members’ card and Wei Yang purchased a To-Fu Gum Strawberry figure and we left for KTV at Marina! On the way I used Dixon’s Flash gadget and flashed a whole lot of flashes at Avelyn and Jenny!!! LOL!!!

KTV at Marina was ultra happening!!! We had so so much fun!!! Then Dinner and then Pool!!! Wow! I sort of learnt how to play a little Pool!!! Thanks Dixon, major help!!!

Epic moment 1. We were all stunt to see the white ball do a beautiful dive into one of the pool table holes by Wei Yang! SKILLFUL!!!

Epic moment 2. The white ball did a beautiful fly out and over the table dive by me. Oops, gave Jenny a fright!!!

Epic moment 3. RATED BEST!!! Jenny and Tai Yaki. Tai Yaki is a Japanese dessert with the exterior crusting in a form of a fish and the interior has a thin layer of red bean on the surface of the vanila.

Jenny took a first bite, started shivering with delight. And then the second bite, we could see her sort of melting away with the dessert. Third bite was the movement of her hands with the utensils that went in the windscreen wiper routine, left-right-left right, well synchronized! Wow Jenny just sort of seem so in paradise!!!

Then it started, her laughter began and it didn’t stop when we gave possibilities of what she would have been if we went clubbing, or if we bought a really big Tai Yaki for her birthday and how she would be eating it.

Reasons which might have cause this, the F1 pre races were ticking her off because of the noise we were hearing and she is probably very tired and Tai Yuki just made her more high!!!

I was so amazed to see that funny side of Jenny!!! It took a long while before she turn back to her usual self!!! Hahaha what a day!!!

Fun Fun and more Fun!!!

At the end of the day, Dixon gave me a little guy from the Play TO-FU Mini Vinyl
Series 2, the Halloween one!!! Thank you so much Dixon!!!

I am a Halloween Freak, Tim Burton made me this way, blame it on his brilliance!!!

Thank you guys, today was such a fun day with all you guys!!! XOXO!!!

P.S. By te way, Hilman is a really epic classmate too!!!


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