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It’s a ZINE and it comes with 2 free posters!!!

I did it for a school project. In this first issue, we talked about DESIGNERS.

What habits they have, what they carry in their bags, what fashion do they take to and what they see in normal objects. It’s the little things that many do not understand or find weird about us. 

The many interesting things you can find in a designer’s bag.

The Designer at work needs POWER BLAZER- Power dressing.

The vision we see by glancing at the object.

The Jersey street jacket for a casual stroll. Cheers!


I Left with Graditude

Hey Guys I just left my Club Monaco job and is happily wasting time at home sleeping.

It was a great and different experience to work at Club Monaco. I like how the team is focused on making more sales and improving the customer service that we provide. But, if you ask me, I think we did a good job.

I like our Imaginex Singapore Teams, Club Monaco, Juicy Couture and Jo Malone. Juicy Team are the high power energy team which are loud, care free and friendly. Then we have  Jo Malone Team which are our more luxourious and relaxing team that lifts our tired souls and then we have Club Monaco, Classic and chic in every way.

I will definitely miss everyone.

I was glaf to work under superiors who respected each and everyone of us and also cared greatly towards the brands!

Thank you all for the great experiences!

Ella Wish you all the best to your near future!

I went to “A JOLLY AFFAIR”

I was helping a close friend of mine with wedding preparations. It was a honour to be invited to help because I view her like an Idol. Well we have worked with each other for quite a while and she has helped me in numerous ways. I am grateful for the things she has done for me.

So I helped with all the printed material, the invitations, the map, the signages, the place cards, table numbers, envelopes and menu cards. These were all designed by me and the Bride.

So 19.12.09 was the Solemnisation and this couple are very precise and are both perfectionist. They seriouly are!!! HA HA HA

 The event was held at TheLuxe Art Museum and it was a cosy little gallery directly next to The Cathay.


First the chairs were to be arranged, then the sound guys were there to fix up their stuff .

The caterers,  were dealing with the culinaries.

We have the florists with their beautiful flower arrangements.

Then the Groom had to leave to prepare and everything was coming into place.

Finally everything was set. I went on to place the table numbers and placecards. I was so nervous, I keep getting the table numbers wrong and the number of plates on the table. I am sure the caterer felt like killing me.

Well it’s a big event and I tend to get nervous. When everything was ready, we prepared to change into our outfits and went to get a quick bite.

Well, I had the important parts of the attire from Australia. The dress from Valley Girl, the Fascinator from Distinctive Acessories Brisbane, the necklace from Diva and the lace gloves from Paris, H&M. Stockings from Topshop and shoes from Mondo. I was well coordinated and it was the first time I felt the look was complete. Well it better be, it is my idol’s wedding!!!

I was pleased but my look reminded me of a courtesan’s strangely. Seriously, I must have watched too much of the movie, Cherie, for me to think this way.  Beautiful but really sad love story. Okay, back to the wedding.

Then the Bride & Groom and their parents arrived. Their mums especially are look like sisters and are very close. It was the first time, I saw the 2 fathers.

Well, the Bride in her Cream Dress (kinda of look like Alexander Mcqueen’s stiff shaped dresses) was beaming away and very cute!!! And The Groom was looking Suave!!! Wow, suits do wonders!!! (I am just kidding! What I meant was it enhance your good looks).

The Best Part of the Wedding was also the supportive friends and family that came dressed in the dress code, “Peaches & Cream”.

So this wedding let us meet up with friends we haven’t seen in a while, such as Sharon Khong, another which I looked up to. Wow and I was so glad that we could chat with her after a long time!!!

We had a good time!!! The food was really yummy!!!  We even had to dance “Wonder Girls’ Nobody” and it was hilarious but fun!!! Time passes quickly and we were reaching the end of the event.

I am Glad that the event lived up to its name. I have endless joy which I couldn’t express through words. I met so many new people and I had such a good time. This is really the best wedding I had been to so far.

Well, lastly to a match made in Heaven, your happiness will last you for eternity. May Jesus look over and bless you with good health and long years together ahead!!!

Club Monaco Cup Cake Promotion




What’s Happening? You asked. CLUB MONACO is having a Gift with Purchase Promotion now. Look above, spend $400 and up to receive a set of 4 very sweet and cute cupcake candles. Not only do they look good, they smell really good too!!!

WARNING: They are candles… so do not get too excited when you have seen and smelled them cause they are inedible!!!

Where were we? Ah Yes, the promotion. Friends, this promotion is not going to last long as these candles are too cute so if you want to get your hands on some, do it soon before they all disappear with the other happy shoppers!

So just how cute is cute?


Pretty huh? They come in Polka Dot Boxes!


Really such a sweet and alluring sight isn’t it?!


Prettily stacked and happy!!!


The Chic Push Cart!!!




After seeing this, shouldn’t you go grab your hands on some!!!

See you in stores soon!!!


The Hell is Over

Hell Came And Went, Thank GOD!

Only when One knows another’s Hell, they would never do something to add on to the torture. My hands do not need to touch the stockroom and it was handed over to Yong Kang now! So our roles has reversed so

Yong Kang : 99%

Ella: 1%

Because I only have to keep the things that were taken out from the stockroom while he packs the stockroom! But I would not mess it up as I know that is his hardwork and his blood, sweat and tears!

I went through it and I know.

Thanks to Kang Kang, the stockroom is a better place!!!



I am in so much pain after the stockroom horror!!!! Totally distrastrous!!! Goodness!!!

The Week Of HELL


This week will be the week of  HELL at Club Monaco for me. Stockroom duties have left me battered and broken, bruised and cut all over.

Day 1- 1 column done

Day 2- Arranging fixtures and counting fixtures

Day 3- 2nd column done

I am tired as ever and I may not be the only one doing but look it’s me and Yong Kang

Time and work spent/done by in the stockroom

I= 80%

Yong Kang= 20%

When it will be completed unknown.

There are other reasons for my fatique but are not comfortable to mention here.

Keep Praying!!! Miracles are slim but they might happen!!!