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Carette: coffee, macaroons, Americans and old ladies (via CheckYourParis)

I went to this place in Paris before and I was so amazed by the beauty of the store and the display of the delicious looking sweets. They looked to beautiful to be consumed but Kristine bought Jonathon, Ann and I a box of macaroons.

I placed one in my mouth and I knew what “melts in your mouth” feels like. I would hope to visit that beautiful place again with friends or family.

I miss Paris, something that grasps my heart.

Carette: coffee, macaroons, Americans and old ladies It’s a standard of the Trocadero area, an old-world tearoom with a reputation for pastries and macaroons. I remember an aunt taking me there for breakfast – toast for her, almond croissant for me – when I was a child. Carette has been there since the 1920s (um, not that I was a child back then!). And then it got a little old, and a little run-down… And then it closed for redecoration a couple years ago. Its Art Deco setting was kept intact, just … Read More

via CheckYourParis


Epic Fun with My Classmates

The Many Epic Encounters

So it’s another normal day out with Jenny, Avelyn, Dixon, Nicholas, Wei Yang and I. We were in school to pass up our essays to Mark (our lecturer). After that was lunch, Dixon bought an i-phone 4 and also brought along his Blackbird Camera -Limited Edt Hot Pink! We were very attracted by the colour, Sweet!

Avelyn then terrorised Wei Yang’s i-phone and I did the same to Nicholas’s. Ha the next will be Dixon’s!!! After, we headed to iluma, where Dixon went to collect his Play Imaginative members’ card and Wei Yang purchased a To-Fu Gum Strawberry figure and we left for KTV at Marina! On the way I used Dixon’s Flash gadget and flashed a whole lot of flashes at Avelyn and Jenny!!! LOL!!!

KTV at Marina was ultra happening!!! We had so so much fun!!! Then Dinner and then Pool!!! Wow! I sort of learnt how to play a little Pool!!! Thanks Dixon, major help!!!

Epic moment 1. We were all stunt to see the white ball do a beautiful dive into one of the pool table holes by Wei Yang! SKILLFUL!!!

Epic moment 2. The white ball did a beautiful fly out and over the table dive by me. Oops, gave Jenny a fright!!!

Epic moment 3. RATED BEST!!! Jenny and Tai Yaki. Tai Yaki is a Japanese dessert with the exterior crusting in a form of a fish and the interior has a thin layer of red bean on the surface of the vanila.

Jenny took a first bite, started shivering with delight. And then the second bite, we could see her sort of melting away with the dessert. Third bite was the movement of her hands with the utensils that went in the windscreen wiper routine, left-right-left right, well synchronized! Wow Jenny just sort of seem so in paradise!!!

Then it started, her laughter began and it didn’t stop when we gave possibilities of what she would have been if we went clubbing, or if we bought a really big Tai Yaki for her birthday and how she would be eating it.

Reasons which might have cause this, the F1 pre races were ticking her off because of the noise we were hearing and she is probably very tired and Tai Yuki just made her more high!!!

I was so amazed to see that funny side of Jenny!!! It took a long while before she turn back to her usual self!!! Hahaha what a day!!!

Fun Fun and more Fun!!!

At the end of the day, Dixon gave me a little guy from the Play TO-FU Mini Vinyl
Series 2, the Halloween one!!! Thank you so much Dixon!!!

I am a Halloween Freak, Tim Burton made me this way, blame it on his brilliance!!!

Thank you guys, today was such a fun day with all you guys!!! XOXO!!!

P.S. By te way, Hilman is a really epic classmate too!!!


Inspirations: HAIR

I love this picture from the Satorialist. It is really beautiful and I got my hair inspiration from it.

Actually I am aimming for this very chic feminine yet cool outlook. I really love her style.

Probably possible with: My cool coated denim black Pull & Bear Jeans, PeddeRed Leather Boots, Club Monaco Callie Tee and Alexander McQueen Scarf.

I HEART short hair. I HEART my style and I HEART life.


Miss Hello Kitty!

BANNer weird copy

Hello, Hello Kitty!!!

On the 17 September, it was the start of the Limited Edition Hello Kitty Event! On Pedder was celebrating her birthday so they got the designers they collaborated with to come up with limited Hello Kitty merchandise!

Even however tom-boyish I am, I am still a girl!!! So of course when I saw all the Hello Kitty Babies!!! I just couldn’t help but find them ” SUPER CUTE”!!!!


The display was so Cute!!! We just started taking pictures of everything!!!



The knitted kitties were everywhere, it delighted me so!!! I felt like a little girl again!!!


The store window was awesomeness!!! Well done, Yi Tong!!!


Rich baby girls are kind of lucky these days huh? If you are the rich mum, you would buy the pram and the dolls, how ENVIOUS!!!!


The shoes were really cool and the like the necklaces too!!!


I loved the setup, it was cute and chic!!!


These are my favourites!!!


And they cost $180!!! Cute Plushie baby!!!


I wanted to give it a miss due to tiredness but I am glad I did not!!! At the end, we were each given a goodies bag of Hello Kitty Foodies!!!


The theme was pink and white, thank GOD!!! I had this pink top!!!

What a uber CUTE and Happy day!!!! 


dc_wallpaper_09_1280x1024 copy


This story takes place after Dirge Of Cerberus secret Ending,


After the series of JENOVA projects that created Sephiroth, Genesis and Angeal. Another Project had developed an Elite force, Deep Ground.

 Project Deep Ground’s outcome were two very strong beings. The first was known as EX.NO.1 and the other was known as Weiss, the Immaculate King who ruled the Deep Ground Force.

EX.NO.1 was forgotten.

Until that day… …

Weiss hears a voice calls out to him: Who… who was that?

Female Voice shouting in a distance: Weiss, you got to wake up!!! Come on!!!

Weiss was unable to see her but wakes up to see Gensis staring blankly at him: I… Genesis!!!

Genesis still staring blankly at him takes out his LOVELESS novel and stares at a verse :  You have been out for 3 months.

Weiss was feeling amazed at his survival: How is it I am still alive?

Genesis explains but continues to read his LOVELESS rather than look Weiss in the eye: Fusion of my Genova cells in you. I transferred blood to keep you from rotting away but then it actually healed you up.

Memories of the recent battle floated back into Weiss’s head and memories he had once forgotten flashed through his mind uncontrollably and then all when dark.

EX.NO.1! Crisolya, the Everlast, I gave her that name.

Made together in the same Experiment Laboratory. The exact opposite copy of each other.

Made the same way but programmed differently.

What Happened?! Where are you?! Weiss thought out loudly in his brain.

Genesis speaks calmly: Weiss, Getting Weak, aren’t you?

Weiss feeling hatred swell up in him exclaims: I saw Crisolya, she woke me up! But where in the world have SHINRA hidden her?!

Genesis now finally puts down his book, stares at Weiss: Let’s go Back to DG Head Quarters. I’ve got  presents for you.

Weiss gave a silent stare but followed sensing that this had to be something to do with Crisolya.

Weiss and Genesis had reached DG HQ. Genesis led the way to the throne and in it was Crisolya’s lifeless body.

Around the throne were Mako pods. In it were Nero the Saber, Rosso the Crimson and Azul the Cerulean. All laid lifeless as Crisolya.

Weiss belows: What is the meaning of this?!

Genesis smiles: Patience, my brother. This is the begining of our revival plan to rule the world. And lead our soldier boy, Cloud and his little friends to HELL.


Crisolya A.K.A The EVERLAST (The Phoenix sleeps in her but needs to be rewaken by the JENOVA cells of Sephiroth)

Has the same Elite qualities as WEISS but her motives given by SHINRA are different from his given motives.

President Shinra created her using Sephiroth’s Jenova cells. She was also able to hold a total of 12 Aeons inside her without disrupting her body system.

What Role was she given? To be the wife of  WEISS, to assist in his missions and to support him always. WEISS and her were the only 2 subject that could communicate with each other using telepathy.

Although she was made for WEISS, Sephiroth was also in love with her. Disappeared 11 years from today due to an explosion in the SHINRA Gongaga Mako Reactor Experimentation LAB. Her project was cancelled off as they were not able to retrieved her body.

Found again by Genesis, she is lifeless but in these 11 years her tissues did not decomposed and so she still remained flawless. Intriguing!

Only way to revive her: Sephiroth’s Jenova Cells



“What do you long for most?”


This slow and painful wait is killing me.

But wait I will.

Pray I will.

Day-Dream I will.

Hope is Matsuyama Kenichi I will.