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Who is BEARY?

Last Thursday after we collected our essay drafts from Mark, Avelyn, Dixon, Kemala, Nicholas, Wei Yang and I set out to Iluma to check out the toys at PLAY IMAGINATIVE where all the coolest designer toys are! My fav, tokidoki is there too bought a mouse pad at a discount!

We grabbed soe ice cream and decided to catch the Resident Evil movie.

While in the mean time, we headed for some fun at the arcade. And with $2 I caught BEARY. Actually I thought I will never catch him but I am so happy I did.

My little French Bear. XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD (Crazily non stop hugging of the lucky bear)

I love you BEARY!!!


My favourite plushies

I have two favourite toys in my room that I love the most! One is the ever dashing Jack Skellington of Nightmare Before Christmas and the other is Anabelle of the Nightmares & Fairy Tales comic series’.

Firstly, Jack is the Pumpkin King of Halloween town. He is a character that is full of mischeif but has a good heart. I love this character because it reminds me of the movie and Tim Burton’s talent. I really love how he made Halloween fun and totally got me hooked to it. Nightmare Before Christmas is my favourite movie and left a very deep impression in me.

Anabelle was a gift for my birthday. I first saw her in a comic store and she is packaged in a paper coffin box lined with red satin. But she is so cute that I told them I have to have her. She’s always my favourite plushie because of her goth outlook, her red eyes, purple hair, white little dress and striped stocking and cute mary jane shoes! She’s pretty!

Alright that’s all for my favourite dark friends! They just look dark but they all have their little stories! Halloween 24/7 365 days!

Bag it!

Here are 2 bags that I saw or have and love~! My Superior has more bags but that’s for another time if I get the chance to snap them!

I really like this Kate Spade bag owned by EU! The colours go really nice together and there is a cute little message that is across this canvas bag!

Chic and stylish!

Spunky and fun!

Simple but Unique all together!

Well, this is one of my favourite bags. 100% leather and it only costed me $10 from the thieves’ market in Singapore.

What I like it? Classic, smooth and vintage. Love the look of it too but just a little unconvenient if you are constantly reaching for stuff in your bag other while it’s cool!

An inspiration from Above.

I love angels, beause they have wings and are beautiful but now I love them more beause they are God’s Messangers. Jesus sent them to surround me and protect me from harm’s way.

I love angels a lot. Seeing angel items will make me tempted to buy and so I saw the picture below on Urban Jan 15 2010.

The above was the shot glass version. They are from Page One and I didn’t have time to go but one day while I was in Holland V, I found another the mug version of it sitting in Anthropology.

I was exetremely happy. Do look.

I am really thankful to the one who has created this mug. I always believed we are Jesus’s media to creation. Because everyone is different that’s why Jesus let us see differently and create things or way.

I am very happy to be a child of the Kingdom.

Below are the materials used and the company who created it.

My Birthday Present


On my birthday, My mum bought me a pair of booties from Peddered. I always love rock elements in clothes and accessories, you know all the metal studs, leather and Black (such a cool colour). I am also into really high heels now. I am so in love with this pair of booties, they are my pride and joy.

First off, the shape and design of it is so cool, the black fur, the metal buckles and the slick leather. The fit is good although it is a little big ( I am a 36, but 38 was the last pair so…) and when I wear it, I feel fearless and powerful.

So that was the first time I experienced the feeling of power dressing. Wearing the right things to make you more confident and fearless. That feeling was awesome!!! Hell Yeah!!!

Lately I am into all the dark colours too, as I am quite fair wearing dark colours make me stand out a lot so I kind of like how they work out with my skin!!! Black is always a favourite, classic and chic altogether.

So here are my Black Beauties.