Dark Friends

The Anabelle Vs Jack Skellington Wallpapers! Read the posts to find out about them!

Cheers! I love Halloween 24/7 365 days!


Happy Chinese New Year

But What The? Why is it Japanese Spring Style. Sorry guys, I am not a fan of Chinese New Year so did a Japanese Spring Style Wallpaper. Hope you like it! Enjoy!!!


Vampires // Werewolves

With all the Vampire Romances such as Twilight Saga, True Blood, Blood Ties and many more. This is the mystic creature romance era I guess, so a little support for the Vampires!!! Look! I am no fan of werewolves but I know that is diffinately people out there who are so just did one too anyways!!! Bloody Kiss XOXO


Wishing you all the best in 2010

Start Year 2010 with an ellaisweird calendar!!! Btw, it’s a Singapore calendar!


A personal lil’ project- Let Loe & Luf / Mod & Joe keep you company on your desktop. Place important folders or icons in the white space! Have Fun!!


Christmas 2009- Inside a tree

Here is a wallpaper of the insides of a christmas tree of 2009!!! Enjoy!


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