Things I love, find, treasure and create…

1. The pink man with a bird on the head is a present from a dear friend, he gives me inspiration and cracks me up all the time. He’s funny and I love birds so a man with a bird on the head wearing hot pink is one real trendy down to earth man! It reminds me of the friend who gave it to me too. I am Weird but Heidi is Quirky, love her fashion, her guts, her photography and her husband is a really nice guy! (For Goodness Sake, she is a year older than me….marriage is so far in my case…ahh Wateva!)

2. Tiffany Blue Musicial Carousel, I love beautiful things and this treasure was brought back from Japan. Can never stop staring at it!!! Went to a musical box museum which sells really pretty musical boxes but I really love this one! Totally grabbed it and headed to the cashier counter plus service in Japan is always excellent.

3. White Paper package with Air Mail Envelopes, an envelope book I made which makes daily life easier when you have hell lots of loose papers. It is a Envelope book that can hold your receipts, shopping list, cash, your litter, loose sheets of notes and your little secrets, sweet wrapper and many more.

4. Cloud Nine (Happiness in Chinese Character), it’s my name card! I want people to receive it and smile. Really. Really no joke, smiling and being happy is sort of my motto but when I get down I kinda of feel guilty!

5. Embroidery Badges of Making peace, found these in Australia, a dude sold them dirt cheap there!!! Yeah Man no kidding, can never find all these pretty badges here at the price he was giving!

6. White angel box, I love angels and I always believe they are beside us giving us a helping hand from GOD!!! Angels are pure with really nice soft wings, not like I seen one before but I really believe they exist!

7. Bling Bling earring and Brooch, these glitter my gray/ black dressing a little but not too much. I love black not really gray but it kind-of-goes with my skin then I need to give it a lil’ something so it doesn’t look too dull. So Bling works wonders!

8. CD Rack, Feist is on the top, love her music and her CD Cover and her quirkiness. She’s Good but there is Those Dancing Days, Tegan and Sara, Yeah Yeah Yeahs (A Must), The Last Shadow Puppets, Attic Monkeys, The Temper Trap and She & Him. Check out (500) Days Of Summer, Love the movie and Music plus the “Why do you let me stay here” Music Video feat. Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. Song By She & Him.

9. Cloth cover book, I made it recently and I love the fabric Grandma left me. Love her taste! Grandma left mum lots of all fabric which still looks so good in this era. She used to sew clothes for my mum and her siblings. It’s sad I never got to meet her.

10. A birthday card from Mum and Dad by B. Kelly, I love the art. It takes me to places I imagine of. Every time I look at it, it takes me to the woods to have a tea party, run and roll around the meadows, lay flat and stare at the sky, listen to the birds sing , play with those cute furry bunnies and come back to reality after all that!

11. Pinion Mug, the first time I saw it on Urban ran out immediately to get it. It is unique and pretty. How pretty a cup with wings, although it is black it is still cool. It’s the angel thingy, their wings!

12. Wood Grain Cover Book, Made that too. I recently learnt Book Binding and I am head over Heels with it!!! I love this wood grain patterned paper, it looks so nice to me! Can’t help it my whole family is crazy about wood especially Pa & Ma.

13. Hanashi Flyer, a friend collected this for me. I love collecting post cards, flyers and usable material. They give me inspiration and keep me busy with ideas through out my every day. As for Hanashi, the colours of the flowers and Background looks so good together! Love it! Thank you Mel!

14. A3 Cutting Mat, without this, my day is not complete because this is a tool I use daily. It is useful and a must- have in my little life! Yes! It’s a MUST for all designers!

These are the things that make me smile brightly everyday!

Why? Because of the colors, the beauty, the uniqueness and the the feeling I receive upon seeing them!

Thanks to the people who created the things I found and Bought!!!

Thanks to the people who gave me these things too!

Thank GOD for giving me hands that love to craft!

I submitted this photo for a competition! @ Cathay Photos.


A New Wall

I re-arranged and pasted some new inspirations on my art wall.

These were the looks I envisioned for my house next time. Inspirations for future works next time. Art/ Photography/ Design that I love alot.

They are all up there.

The photocopies from books in my old school library.

Love em’all… …

Kang Dong Won

Kang Dong Won is a famous korean model and actor. Born on 18 Jan 1981, that makes him 5 years older than me. I lately only got to know of him after watching The Taoist Wizard Woochi, he kept me stuck to the screen. Why? He looked so good in the clothes he was wearing in the movie. Firstly he is 186cm tall and has a really good body figure. After all the googling and research, he is also the fashionista of korean men.

I can’t really say what but he has this aura that I do not see in other korean actors and boy is his acting good. I have now watched 1% Chance (Drama Serial) which I rate okay, The Duelist that has very beautiful sword fighting scenes (LOVE!), Temptation of The Wolves which is quite nice too, Maundy Thursday that had me heartbroken at the end (Bittersweet and Sad), Too Beautiful to Lie which was quite funny, The Voice of A Murderer which I enjoyed his cold.ruthless.intelligent killer tone and then finally M which is a really intriguing and very interesting Mystery.

Recently, I managed to catch Secret Reunion ( Movie). It was great! A story about a friendship between an ex- south Korean Cop and a North Korean Militant. I think the story was great and I was touched at the end. Kang Dong Won  suave as ever accompanied by Song Kang Ho another leading actor.

What I have yet to watch is Magic (TV Drama) .

I have seen a lot of korean dramas and movies and I enjoy their silly, funny, cute and romantic movies but Kang Dong Won’s Movies are different. I love it, he is korea’s Johnny Depp like Matsuyama Kennichi is Japan’s. It’s kind of sad that Singapore has so little of his movies that I ended up ordering some from

What amazes me more is his contrasting personality. He is usually shy, very down to earth and polite in life after watching numerous interviews but on screen he changes into so many different livelier characters! It amazes me!

What amazes me is also his fashion. I love it and I think he looks like a beautiful beast with a very nice warm heart!

PS: Kang Dong Won Shi, Aja Fighting! BTW, check out Tord Boontje too since you are into lights and interiors.

My favourite plushies

I have two favourite toys in my room that I love the most! One is the ever dashing Jack Skellington of Nightmare Before Christmas and the other is Anabelle of the Nightmares & Fairy Tales comic series’.

Firstly, Jack is the Pumpkin King of Halloween town. He is a character that is full of mischeif but has a good heart. I love this character because it reminds me of the movie and Tim Burton’s talent. I really love how he made Halloween fun and totally got me hooked to it. Nightmare Before Christmas is my favourite movie and left a very deep impression in me.

Anabelle was a gift for my birthday. I first saw her in a comic store and she is packaged in a paper coffin box lined with red satin. But she is so cute that I told them I have to have her. She’s always my favourite plushie because of her goth outlook, her red eyes, purple hair, white little dress and striped stocking and cute mary jane shoes! She’s pretty!

Alright that’s all for my favourite dark friends! They just look dark but they all have their little stories! Halloween 24/7 365 days!

This is the “Bag”

I love this Bag! It’s one of my superior’s powerful bags as how I call it. Well my superior is a career women with high and precise standards. She is also a great follower of POWER DRESSING and hence she always look ready for war (looks great – dress to impress- Number one step to a good first impression – and so I think) all the time. Her famous quote is ” You never know who you will meet, maybe your boss or a client “. So yup, her dressing, shoes and bags are all powerful.

But, this is the “Bag”. I love the use of Leather and Metal, it a functional Beautiful Art piece. I love the  little tin soldier at the side. It is a really stunning well crafted Unique Bag. It’s got a slight weight to it though.

This beautiful bag is by the late Alexander McQueen. Genius! And also thanks to my superior for having so many beautiful things that I can bless my eyes with!

Bag it!

Here are 2 bags that I saw or have and love~! My Superior has more bags but that’s for another time if I get the chance to snap them!

I really like this Kate Spade bag owned by EU! The colours go really nice together and there is a cute little message that is across this canvas bag!

Chic and stylish!

Spunky and fun!

Simple but Unique all together!

Well, this is one of my favourite bags. 100% leather and it only costed me $10 from the thieves’ market in Singapore.

What I like it? Classic, smooth and vintage. Love the look of it too but just a little unconvenient if you are constantly reaching for stuff in your bag other while it’s cool!